Twitter SEO Tips

Twitter is a frequently cited marketing tool, but it's usually quite different from articles discussing your SERPs ranking. Twitter can increase your audience, provide you with customer service channels, and improve audience engagement. It’s not generally considered something that will raise your Google ranking.

How to Rank Your Videos Higher on YouTube?

In 2021, the video format has not lost any of its power and is still one of the best things to implement your marketing strategy. So far, YouTube is the second most-visited site in the world, only behind Google, which owns the platform. As the fact that YouTube is a search engine, video needs to be optimized to the same degree as ordinary web pages.

Ways to Keep A Good Bounce Rate on YouTube

One of the things you should do when you are working hard to improve the search results of YouTube is to reduce the high bounce rate. In other words, a high bounce rate indicates that something is wrong with your strategy - you are not attracting the right visitors to your site, or visitors coming without a good user experience.

How to Increase YouTube Retention Rate?

What is YouTube Retention Rate? 

Retention rate will be mentioned many times on this page because it is essential to improve search engine optimization (SEO). The retention rate is measured by the time that your viewers spend watching the content. For example, if your video is 10 minutes, and someone watched your video for 2 minutes, this would result in a retention rate of 20%. The larger the percentage, the better. The retention rate curve changes according to the duration of the video, but the effect is small starting from 4 minutes because the retention rate tends to be balanced. Focus on making your videos more attractive and increase retention by maximizing viewing time. This will increase the chance of your videos appearing in YouTube searches.

JarveePro - The Helpful Automation Tool to Grow Your Twitter

Social media marketing often costs tons of time. To keep your Twitter account active and responsive means that you invest a minimum of effort on a daily basis. And still, you can be successful on Twitter while you focus on your main job that most of the time is something totally different from running a Twitter account: You just need the right Twitter automation tools.