Instagram multimedia marketing in 2021


Multimedia communication is designed to promote the content of a release using multiple media forms such as text, sound and images. This form of expression is more conducive to meeting the needs of the public. To achieve the purpose of attracting attention and converting customers through multimedia promotion.

Images Promotion

Instagram is a platform centered around visually appealing content.Using beautiful pictures to post content can give the audience the most intuitive feeling. In terms of pictures, Instagram supports three types of feed posts: square, landscape, and portrait. When post image content, you need to pay attention to the expression of the image. For different display content, pay attention to factors such as size, which can make viewers more intuitive and comfortable when scroll through Instagram. 

Use JarveePro to manage your Instagram account to post your product marketing plan. In the copy you can entice customers to place orders through discounts, coupons, gifts, etc. Also, posting campaign deadlines is a great way to do this, which will create a sense of urgency and thus drive volume. This is a great step to convert customers.

Videos Promotion

The public likes to see diversified things, and will not like single text or cold text ads. So upload videos is also a good way to customer conversion. Similarly, when publishing video content, you also need to pay attention to the form of the video. If you don’t pay attention to the form of presentation, your video may have many blind spots in the eyes of others. For Instagram Stories, vertical/portrait videos are highly recommended. 

Otherwise, according to Wyzowl’s 2021 State of Video Marketing report, social media users are twice as likely to share videos than any other kind of social media content. This means that the public prefers the form of video promotion, and we need to consider the audience's favorite factors to achieve the purpose of marketing promotion. You can use JarveePro to publish the content you need to send to and add the videos you want to post in the content editor. 

Pay attention to the presentation of the video, but it is not required that you must be a professional photographer. People are more interested in videos that relate to their interests and passions or teach them something new.

Audio content

Audio publishing, use the audio portion of a recording, a form of publishing that can be applied to clips from podcast episodes, interview segments, and other content. For example, text-based content for hearing-impaired users or audio-based content for viewers who want to hear a story. You can edit audio posts through JarveePro. Go and Get started with JarveePro

We all know that on Instagram, aesthetics are everything. This is why you need to pay attention to multimedia flyers. Engage your audience with a graphic aesthetic that will benefit you greatly. 

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