What Is The Best Time to Post On Facebook

With roughly 2.89 billion monthly active users as of the second quarter of 2021, Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. In the third quarter of 2012, the number of active Facebook users surpassed one billion, making it the first social network ever to do so. Active users are those who have logged in to Facebook during the past 30 days. During the first quarter of 2021, the company stated that 3.51 billion people were using at least one of the company's core products (Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, or Messenger) each month.

Therefore you have to do whatever it takes to make your brand visible on Facebook. One of the best strategies is to post at the best times on Facebook. 

See your best performing posts from the past

You're already optimising your content to meet your social media performance goals. When it comes to deciding when to post that content, we recommend the same data-driven approach.

There is little point in posting when few of your potential customers are looking at Facebook, and by the time they do come online, your post will be old news.

Find the best time with Facebook Insights

One way you can find the best time to post to your social audience on Facebook is to use your Facebook Insights. You will need a Facebook page to access these pages. You can access your insights by clicking on the appropriate link at the top of the page.

You want to see when your Facebook followers are online. You can do this by clicking on Posts in the left-hand menu. This will give you a breakdown of when your fans were online, including the date and time. Look for any spikes in the data that indicate when your Facebook audience is most active.

Suggested Best Times by Industry

B2C brands

The best times for B2C businesses to post on Facebook are between 9am and 10am, 11am and 12pm and 4pm and 5pm. These times tend to coincide with workers' break times or near the end of the working day.

Furthermore, it is found that the best times for B2C companies to post on Facebook were Wednesdays at 1pm and Fridays at 11am. Other times of high engagement were Wednesday 1-3pm, Friday 10-11am and Thursday 5pm. Overall, companies selling products to consumers found that they received the most consistent engagement between 10am and 5pm on weekdays.

Educational branding

Students may have the reputation of being night owls, but they don't seem to spend time on Facebook. In fact, higher education brands seem to find that their best reach happens before or during breaks between classes. Peak times for higher education are 8am, noon and 3pm.

Restaurant branding

In 2020, restaurants must move from supporting a social media dining experience to supporting increased takeaway and delivery volumes and communicating with customers about changes to service and menus.

Best times to post on Facebook for restaurants

  •  Best times: Monday noon, Friday 1–2 p.m.
  •  Best day: Friday
  •  Worst day: Sunday

Key Facebook statistics to keep in mind when posting:

  •  74% of American users check Facebook at least once a day
  •  51% of American users check Facebook several times per day
  •  People spend an average of 34 minutes per day on Facebook
  •  80% of people access Facebook using mobile-only (19% use both mobile and desktop)

Also, the conversion rate on websites is usually higher on weekdays. If your aim is to drive more sales or leads, you should definitely take advantage of the weekdays.

Social media is always changing, and so are the people who use it. For example, the exodus to remote work over the course of 2020 has resulted in more frequent social media use.

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