5 Instagram Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2022

Instagram is an ever-evolving community, which makes keeping up with Instagram trends a never-ending cycle.

The platform keeps introducing changes and users keep embracing them. We see influencers adopting new features, so we go with the flow.

The question is: how can brands incorporate the new Instagram trends and use them to improve their customers' success on Instagram? The truth is, the quicker businesses embrace new Instagram trends and incorporate them into their strategy, the better their marketing efforts will perform.

After all, we know that the use of new features usually means a boost to Instagram's algorithm. Furthermore, it gives you the opportunity to share your message in a whole new way. 

Instagram stories could get longer

Since its launch in August 2016, Instagram Stories has become incredibly popular with Instagram influencers. According to report, 86.6% of Instagram users post Stories, and nearly 80% of brands say that Instagram Stories has had a huge impact on influencer content about their brand

As 2021 draws to a close, Instagram is testing 60-second stories. Previously, they broke longer videos in Stories into 15-second segments. In conjunction with this, you can now add music and effects to full videos and are no longer limited to covering 15 second segments.

This gives people viewing your Stories the opportunity to watch with fewer interruptions. It also gives you new opportunities to create content that tells your story and piques the interest of your target audience.

More live content

Instagram Live usage soars in 2020 and 2021. According to Business Insider, Instagram Live usage increased by 70% in the month of April 2020. Researchers believe that this increase is because humans are not made to be isolated from others for long periods of time. To feel more connected, people have turned to social media. With the ever-present threat of Omicron lingering, it's clear that COVID-19 is still wreaking havoc on our social interactions. This makes it a very safe bet that Instagram Live content will continue to be popular.

The rise of relevant influencers

There was a time when Instagram influencers were able to promote brands without explicitly disclosing their partnerships. They got paid to show you some products, but they never said that much. As a result, Instagram users began calling out influencers, often writing misleading comments about their posts.

Influencers are now obliged to use paid partner hashtags, such as #ad or #sponsor. this has changed things for businesses and influencers; they now have to be more transparent about their campaigns. There is a concern that if product posts are overtly partnered with the hashtag, customers will be less likely to buy.

Cause marketing

In July 2020, Instagram launched a social fundraising feature. Users can create fundraising campaigns for personal causes, their business or on behalf of friends or causes that are important to them. Instagram released the feature in response to the economic impact of COVID-19. At the time of the feature's release, users on Instagram and Facebook had raised over $100 million for those affected by the pandemic.

Reels and the TikTok acquisition

We've mentioned it before, but we'll look at it in more depth here: Reels. You may also be familiar with TikTok. Reels and TikTok are creating a whole new kind of content that users are starting to expect to see. These short, engaging videos are becoming part of everyone's watchlist, from teens to adults and anyone in between.

While these types of content are new, they are not difficult to produce.

If Reels isn't already on your 2022 to-do list, it's time to add them. You don't have to make fancy dance videos, but a quick video of your product set to a popular song can really make an impact on your business.