How to use Twitter for beginners with JarveePro in 2022

The first month of 2022 is almost over.Are you still new to Twitter?This article will not make you anxious but to congratulate you.We're here for you to lead you in Twitter in 2022.Anyone who are new to using Twitter and not sure where to start can ensure good outcome after reading. 

From setting up your profile to analyze your performance, this article will help you cover all the basics you need as a beginner.

Before we start,let's take a brief look at Twitter.As the most visited sites on the Internet,Twitter is a great platform for businesses and creators. It's perfect for announcing company news, developing your brand's voice, and driving online traffic.

As a Twitter beginner,here we have 6 steps for you to do in the very beginning:

Set Up Your Profile

The first step to use Twitter as a beginner is to create an account and set up your profile. After viewing you profile, people will know who you are and the sort of content they can expect from you.

In this step,you’ll need to refine this information belowed:

  1. A handle.It is what appears after the @ symbol and must be unique to your Twitter account. The max character count is 15.

  2. A name. It will be found above your handle in every Tweet. Your name can be the exact same as your handle, a brand hashtag, a slogan, etc. You need to choose it carefully because it’s your call! You should name at least 4 characters but under 50.

  3. A profile picture. Recommended dimensions for profile images are 400x400 pixels.

  4. A cover photo. Recommended dimensions for cover photos are 1500x500 pixels.

  5. A short bio. A short but clear description of who you are and what you’re all about. You can write up to 160 characters.

  6. A link to your website.

In a word,your handle, profile picture, and cover photo are all representations of your brand.Therefore,it’s important for you to choose them and accurately reflect who you are with them.Besides, your bio will be your first opportunity to tell your brand’s story, so use it to display your advantages.

Learn the Lingo

There are many terms such as retweets, quote tweets, mentions,etc.You’ll need to familiarize yourself with all these terms on the platform.Understanding specific Twitter features and how Twitter users speak will help you better engage and create content for your account and the platform.

Here are a few top terms to learn:

  1. Retweet: This is a way to share tweets from other accounts to your followers. You can retweet other accounts to pass along news, resources, or other valuable content. You can also retweet your own tweets to resurface an older tweet.

Retweet can keep your account active and build strong business relations with potential clients.In this aspect,JarveePro can help you by finding and retweeting great tweets in your niche.

  1. Quote Tweet: If you want to Retweet something, but also add commentary, Quote Tweeting is your go-to. 

  2. Mention: Mentioning other accounts in your Tweet by including their handle is called a “mention”. You’ll also be able to see all Tweets that mention you in your Notifications section.

  3. Hashtag: Any word/phrase immediately preceded by the # symbol. When you click on a hashtag, you'll see all Tweets containing that same keyword.

  4. Like: Like is an alternative to retweet. Likes are a great way to show appreciation to followers.You can view all tweets that you’ve liked by clicking the Likes tab on your profile page.

It is worth mentioning that you can use JarveePro to auto-like tweets for free.In JarveePro,this function called favorite a tweet.If you are interested about this function,free signup here to experience now!

  1. Thread: A series of connected tweets from one account allowing you to provide additional information or updates to existing tweets.

Use Twitter’s Different Content Formats

Originally,Twitter was used as a way to share text-only messages.But now,you can include visuals to elevate your Tweets.

As the statistic shows, tweets with GIFs receive 55% more engagement than those without.When crafting a tweet, you have the option to add a photo, video, or GIF.You can even add polls to your Tweets, which can be a fun way to bolster engagement from your followers.

More recently, Twitter began testing a voice tweets feature, enabling users to publish audio messages.This allows creators and public figures to further showcase their personality and establish a human connection with their audience.

Create a Content Strategy

When developing content for Twitter, it’s important to not only think about what you want to say, but also how you’d like to say it.

Now that you understand the Twitter basics, the next is setting goals and developing a content strategy. Before you begin creating and posting Tweets, you need to think about what you’re using Twitter for.

There are some common goals people might include:increase website traffic,grow followers,increase engagement and develop an engaged community.As for your content strategy,for example,you can insert your brand into 5 relevant, topical conversations per month.You can set your own one based on your unique requirements.

Depending on your niche, developing content pillars will help you determine the type of content you’ll create on Twitter.In this respect,JarveePro is helpful when you want to find new content. It can find fresh content from RSS feeds and export it.If you want to give it a try on this feature,vistit Jarveepro.com here.

Build Your Twitter Community

Once you are used to using it, you can start following other users, crafting Tweets, and joining trending conversations.

Here are some key things to consider when growing your community on Twitter:

1. Research Relevant People Within Your Industry or Niche

Do a Twitter search using industry hashtags to see who’s talking about topics you’re interested in.

2. Take Note of Competitors in Your Space

Make a list of who you deem “competition” and audit what they’re doing on the platform.You don’t have to follow their lead, but it’s nice to know how similar companies and creators are using the platform.

3. Create Engaging Content

Create Tweets that will spark engagement ,you can either use GIFs to show your personality, Polls to gather feedback, or regularly share interesting articles or blog posts.

Analyze Your Performance

Once you start using Twitter on a regular basis, it’s important to pay close attention to how everything is performing.This can help you get a sense for what’s working and what’s not, you can create content that fits better with your target audience.

To save your time with the help of JarveePro on Twitter

1.Account manager

In fact,one single Twitter account cannot grow your brand awareness well.If you have multiple accounts and don’t have enough time to manage,you can turn to JarveePro.It can work well as an account manager.

2.Direct messages

You can use Direct Messages to have private conversations with people about Tweets and other content.This can all be done by JarveePro.

3.Plan and schedule your tweets in advance

Instead spread tweet hundreds of tweets at a time,tweet them throughout the day is a wise choice.In this way,you can improve the chances of more people seeing them.The schedule feature of JarveePro can greatly help.

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In short,as a Twitter beginner,the very first thing you need to do is to refine your profile,learn the lingo, clearify your goals, create content, experiment with different formats,and analyze your performance in the end.It is also important to update as necessary and watch your community grow.

All in all, the key to getting started on Twitter as a beginner is conversation and creativity.

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As a Twitter beginner,hope you can save much time and achieve business success with the help of JarveePro in 2022.