How to use LinkedIn for beginners with JarveePro in 2022

If you’re new to LinkedIn,knowing how to use it may take some time.But don't worry too much,this article is here for you as a helper.Start from setting up your LinkedIn page to creating engaging content, we will help you cover all the basics you need as a beginner.

What is LinkedIn?

Before we start,let's take a brief look at LinkedIn.LinkedIn is a go-to platform for anyone looking to reach professional audiences.Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn is also used for sharing and creating content, connecting with other users, and growing a community. 

But what sets LinkedIn apart is its professional focus.It’s a place to find job opportunities, showcase your skills, join discussions with industry experts, promote your brand or products, and evedrive traffic to your website.

Whether you want to show off your skills or reach new audiences, using LinkedIn is a great place to start.LinkedIn is valuable for both brands and individuals:

Brands can use LinkedIn to reach a targeted audience of professional people and build a community around the brand’s values and products.

Individuals can also use LinkedIn to promote their work, network, and raise awareness with potential employers.

How to Use LinkedIn for Beginners

The first step to use LinkedIn as a beginner is to create an account and set up your profile.Having a LinkedIn page is a powerful tool you can use to get your personal brand or company seen, here we have 3 steps for you to do in the very beginning:

Set Up Your LinkedIn Page

The first step to getting started on LinkedIn is to set up your LinkedIn page.You can sign up for a free basic LinkedIn profile or choose from a number of paid subscription plans: the Sales plan, Career plan, or Business plan.

In this page,you need to create a personal LinkedIn profile,which includes the followings:

  1. Visit LinkedIn and sign up for an account using your name, email address, and chosen password.

  1. Choose a profile picture that reflects the way you’d like to be seen in a professional context. Research shows that people are more likely to view your page if you have a photo.So you'd better choose it carefully.

  1. Add a banner image that sits behind your profile photo to make your page stand out.

  1. Write a job headline and a summary where you showcase your skills, strong points, and achievements. Remember to highlight your best projects.

  1. Finally, add your work history, education, and core skills just like you would on a resume.

In addition,you can create a LinkedIn Business Page as well:On your LinkedIn home screen, click the “Work” icon in the upper right corner.Scroll down to “Create a Company Page” and select the category that best describes your company.Fill out the information when prompted, then upload your company logo or profile picture.

Build Your Network

Once you’ve completed your profile, you can start building your LinkedIn network.LinkedIn gives you the option to “Connect” and “Follow” other members.

A connection is a two-way relationship initiated through an invitation. Accepting a connection means both parties can see each other’s content and networks.It also means you can send direct messages to one another through LinkedIn’s messenger tool.

By following a user, you can stay up to date with all their activity —  without being directly connected.This is a great way to follow industry-relevant posts from brands, influencers, and thought leaders.

Create Engaging Content

LinkedIn is a powerful platform for engaging with industry professionals.It has several new features like LinkedIn Stories,interactive polls and quick reactions to help you angage with others.

All of these tips have proven to be valid in time.Follow these step by step,you’ll be on top of your game in no time. Whether you want to find a job, promote your brand, market your content or build a network of contacts, LinkedIn is the best online platform to achieve your professional goals.

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