How to find viral content on Instagram in 2022

With so many photos and videos being shared each day on Instagram, how can one standout by creating content? The answer is to create viral content. The post with viral content can gain millions of views, likes, and comments. Viral content can catch the most attention.

Instagram takes notice as the content starts to gain some notoriety in the community. The platform then starts to promote the content on other feeds in order to increase the engagement and user session time. When a post has a significant increase in both reach and engagement when compared to the average engagement rate of the Instagram account then you can say the post has gone viral.

Then how to discover viral content on Instagram? Here we have 3 tips for you:

1.Check Viral Instagram Influencers

Instagram Influencers are individuals that have established an extremely dedicated following, either big or small. Influencers are typically native to any platform they have a well-established following on. That’s because they want to produce content that excites their audience. This means that they produce content that is fitting to the platform and the demographics of their audience on there.

Thus, if you’re in search of viral topics on Instagram. Then you need to look at some of your Viral Instagram Influencers. Instagram Influencers are producing the perfect content for you to gather viral content ideas from. But make sure to do your research with Influencers that are withing your audience niche. The best way to tell if an Instagram Influencers content has gone viral is to simply look at the top 10 posts to determine an Engagement Rate. Then find content on the account’s feed that has significantly surpassed that. This is the content you want to be reposted on your account. This kind of content may cause a serious spike in engagement and social reach on your account.

2.Check other social media platforms

Don’t just dig for viral content on Instagram, check out other platforms as well. There are many other popular platforms that you can search from. For example, Facebook and TikTok.

Facebook has abundant amounts of viral content. The best thing about Facebook is that you can find niche-specific groups and sub-niches making the availability of niche-specific viral content abundant. In addition, the two platforms are intertwined making it easier to transfer content from one platform to another.

What' more, TikTok has tons of viral content as well. TikTok is a young but well-established social media platform that is taking the social community by storm. TikTok offers greater video editing service and music integration. Due to TikTok’s age, organic reach on the platform is huge! This means that a lot of content every single day is going viral on TikTok. Making it easier for people to grow a following and audience on the platform.

In addition to Facebook and TikTok, you can discover other platforms to find viral content on them. They may also have perfect sources for viral content, who knows.

3.Re-Create trending content

If you’re looking for high chances of going viral with your content, try re-creating content that is already going viral on Instagram is a good approach. For example, we all know that videos/images are always popular on Instagram. Some people repost them which was created by influencers not even adding their own thoughts on it. That way won't make your content go rival and you succeed in the end. This can be simply explained. Since re-creating is not equals to re-posting. Re-creating needs you to polish the content that is already viral. Your unique ideas can always be found in your re-creating content. And you should keep in mind that Instagram is a professional platform, plagiarism or copyright infringement is not encouraged. Always add your own idea in your post and give credit to your owners.


When it comes to finding viral content on Instagram, there are various avenues to choose from. You can find ideas either from social media influencers or other social media platforms. Plus, you can create it yourself by re-creating trending content. 

Of course, there are many other ways can do the same. You need to include them to your fold. In all, you'd better to take a peek at the type of content you are finding. This could be a great way for you to generate some viral topic ideas. But make sure to add your own personal twist.

Have you remembered all these tips? Are you ready to create your own viral content? Start with JarveePro today, your content will go viral in 2022.