How to use Facebook groups to grow your business in 2022

Facebook groups are a place to communicate about shared interests with certain people. You can either create a group by yourself or join groups you're interested in.

Research from Facebook shows that more than 1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups every month. There's over 70 million admins and moderators running active Facebook groups. More than half of all users are in five or more groups.

As a businessman, what we learn from these data is that the Facebook groups are a powerful marketing tool, which helps you attract new customers and grow your business.

Then, if you want to grow your business with Facebook groups, what should you do? Here we have 6 proven tips for you.

1.Create a Public Facebook group


The first step to grow your business on Facebook groups is to create your group. Facebook allows you to create public and private group. To leverage the massive reach and high impact, we'd suggest you creating the public one. 

These groups are completely out in the open. Anyone can see the posts and contents on the group wall without joining. Anyone can also become a member, allowing them to then post contents, comments, and invite new members. This is absolutely a good place to grow your business.

2.Choose a suitable Facebook group name 


A Facebook group name is the first thing people come across, especially when Facebook suggests your group organically to the people who are likely to join it. After seeing the Facebook group name, they decide whether or not they will join a Facebook group. If they feel the group will meet their needs or provide them with some value, they will join it. So, you'd better choose a group name that resonates with your audience. This will help you gain more group members.

3.Post welcome messages and announcements regularly

When you decided on your group's name and created your group, you should always remember to send welcome message weekly. Schedule important announcements ahead of time for product launches or special events for your group members. This is a helpful way to make new members feel at home and keep up your group's presence.

4.Create highly relevant and valuable content

You should have a clear answer to these questions: Why should one of your customers or fans join your group? What special something are they getting out of it? In fact, when you share with members the information they want, they will surely engage. Higher the group engagement, higher the group growth. So, think about what you can offer that’s related to your group. And always post valuable content.  When your group members are constantly engaging in your community, your Facebook group tends to rank higher in the search results. 

5.Promote your groups

There is always a time when you find your group members will stuck. But don't worry. It's a natural thing and there are always solutions to it. Like, you can conduct competitions and games where you ask members to invite more members in your Facebook group. If those games and competitions are interesting for your members, they will be more than happy to invite their family and friends, helping your group grow.

6.Check your group's statistics constantly


If you want to improve and double down your efforts in your group, the most important metrics you should track engagement rate and activity rate constantly. Engagement Rate is the average actions done by per member per month in your community. Activity Rate is the average number of comments and reactions per post per month in your Facebook group. There are a few others you can use to track your group's health. To track the engagement of your group in detail, you can find more useful tools that help you get a daily summary of what is happening in your community.

These are all the tips that we are going to cover today. And they are all that you need to skyrocket your Facebook group engagement and help your group grow organically. Follow these tips to grow your Facebook group fast while providing value to the members. 

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