How to Increase YouTube Retention Rate?

What is YouTube Retention Rate? 

Retention rate will be mentioned many times on this page because it is essential to improve search engine optimization (SEO). The retention rate is measured by the time that your viewers spend watching the content. For example, if your video is 10 minutes, and someone watched your video for 2 minutes, this would result in a retention rate of 20%. The larger the percentage, the better. The retention rate curve changes according to the duration of the video, but the effect is small starting from 4 minutes because the retention rate tends to be balanced. Focus on making your videos more attractive and increase retention by maximizing viewing time. This will increase the chance of your videos appearing in YouTube searches.

Why is Retention Rate Important?

A retention rate of more than 70% means that the video can be longer. Longer videos increase advertising potential, profitability, and total viewing time.

The retention rate tells YouTube some information about the quality of the video. It also tells YouTube publishers some important insights.

How to Achieve a High Retention Rate?

  • OptimizeYour Channel

The way to optimize the YouTube channel can largely determine the potential audience's interest in consumer content. To optimize your YouTube channel, you need to create a compelling channel homepage, channel trailers, playlists, about pages, keywords for titles, descriptions, tags, end cards, and beautiful, attractive thumbnails for videos.

  • Get to Know Your Customers

When you really know your customers (that is, you know who they are, what they need from you, what their challenges are, and where they spend their time), you will be able to meet them where they are.

You will be able to create the type of content they want and need (e.g. blogs, videos, social media), and then share it anywhere (e.g. various websites, media channels, social platforms, etc.).

In this way, you will always be in the first place, providing support even if they may not be aware that they need it, and showing your customers how much you understand and value them.

  • Find out When and Why Viewers Stopped Watching Your Video

One of the important things that the audience retention graph can show you is the timestamp when the audience stopped watching your video. This is important because it has a big impact on your overall observation time.

To apply these numbers to your future content creation, check out where most people abandon your videos. For example, if you see a big drop in the first 20 seconds, you should re-evaluate your video introduction.

Rewatch the part and determine why the audience is bored. Is it too repetitive? Have you been on a problem for too long? The second point is to let your friends watch that video and tell you what they think of where most of the audience is leaving.

With improved retention, videos will rank on YouTube and Google. Good retention can attract more audiences and make more effective use of the publisher's time.