Facebook Marketing Strategy

If you're using Facebook to promote your brand, JarveePro is the right tool for you. The powerful search function can help you develop unlimited potential customers.

Raise your brand popularity with real Facebook followers.

Add Friends

Send a friend request when target potential audience. And repeat the same task if necessary.

Like & Comment

Like and comment posts on pages, groups, searches, or walls, JarveePro not only can increase the engagement of your Facebook account but also maintain interaction with your followers.

Fetch Group Members

There are many members in the group, fetch them and add them as friends to develop your potential customers.

Join/Leave Groups

Join the groups that you found with Group Finder. And you can leave it at anytime when you find that they are useless.

Search Groups & Pages with Keywords

Tell JarveePro your keywords, it can help you find the groups or pages that are in the niche you want.

Schedule Posts

Schedule to share your posts at the most active time for most followers, this is undoubtedly the best time. JarveePro can make your posts engaged by most of your followers.

Share Posts to Multiple Groups at Once

Many groups to share the same post? JarveePro is helpful, saving you time to create higher-quality posts.

Send Direct Messages

Communicate with your followers directly and keep them informed. Send direct messages to your followers, send thank you messages to new followers...

Search Followers & Following

Search your followers'/ followings' followers and following users to be used by other modules, such as like, comment, follow, send messages, etc. You can also save them directly or export them into a CSV/TXT file.

Facebook Search User By PostInfo

Search the post's author/likers/commenters by the post information.

Accept Friend Requests

If you need to handle add friend requests sent to you by multiple Facebook users, JarveePro can accept them with one click.

Add Friends to Your Group

After you create Facebook groups, JarveePro can invite all of your or selected friends into your group.

Invite Friends to Like Your Pages

Let JarveePro help you invite all your friends to like your pages to increase the visibility of your pages and brand.

Facebook Account Manager

No matter how many Facebook accounts you need to manage, JarveePro can help you hang on there.

Posts Filter

When follow, unfollow, like, post and comment, etc, you can not only input data, import data lists, and read files, but also get high-quality content from RSS and other module's output.

Get High-Quality Content From Different Sources

JarveePro can filter the posts you don't like according to the keywords you set, or filter out some posts that don't meet the requirements.

Never Miss Friend's Birthday

JarveePro is able to discover the birthdays of your friends and send birthday greetings.

Facebook Delete Posts in Bulk

Delete the posts that you have the right to delete, including the posts from one's own, groups, and home. You can delete through the posts' URL.

Spin Content

You can use SpinnerChief or Spintex function to optimize your content and find a better way to express yourself when you send messages directly to Facebook users or publish any posts.

Set Group Notification

JarveePro can set up group notice, shield/receive notifications from designated groups.

Black/White List

JarveePro supports back/white list, it will use the lists while running tasks.

Watch Live

Watch the Facebook live broadcast, JarveePro helps you increase your popularity and traffic.

Proxy Support

The feature of proxy support can provide a secure environment for your Facebook account. JarveePro can also bind your Facebook account with an appointed IP address.


There are more features that are not listed here...

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