4-step YouTube marketing strategy in 2022

Everyone watches YouTube. Video content is the secret to successful content marketing. The potential of a huge audience is a great reason to have an account on YouTube. In fact, more than half of all marketers (55%) use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy.

Not only is your audience on YouTube, but as the second largest search engine on the internet, YouTube can help improve your SEO and branding. YouTube allows marketers to upload unique content that is easy for viewers to consume and share.

YouTube data

▪ 8 out of 10 web users watches YouTube videos

▪ YouTube is the second largest search engine

▪ 1B hours are being watched each day on YouTube

How to promote your YouTube videos and how to advertise your youtube channel? Below we’ll walk through each step of marketing on YouTube.

Research your competitors

The fastest way to grow on YouTube is to find out what works for your competitors. So you don’t need to experiment with every social campaign and then you can do better work with studying your competitors.

You can start by looking for channels from competitors you already know. Conduct a competitor analysis on:

▪ Frequency of posting

▪ The video comments

▪ The main video topics

▪ Subscriber count

Furthermore, you can learn about that How they are linking to posts or products;How they are editing their videos, including text popups and other special effects

Make Compelling Titles

It’s imperative that you optimize your video titles to bring in viewers. Then you can attract your audience to click on it.

Here are some useful tips for creating perfect YouTube titles to boost the reach of your channel:

▪ Find the right keywords: Keywords in the title lets Google crawl what your video is about.  And Your audience will clear that what your video is talking about.

▪ Make sure your title matches your video content. This sounds simple and obvious, but too many marketers try to

▪ Descriptive title is one of the best ways to get clicks on a YouTube video. 

▪ Keep titles short. The ideal length of a video title should be no more than 60 characters. The reader should be able to see the entire title at a glance.

Create Perfect YouTube Thumbnails

Effective thumbnails make users click right away and make your YouTube channel get more seen. They are the first thing that grabs people’s attention when they look at YouTube search results. 

These thumbnails are just taken from the video itself and are probably not the most relevant for grabbing the user's attention.

The most important elements of a good YouTube thumbnail image include a picture and a caption. Showing people what your video is about and how it will benefit them is the real key to success.

Leverage YouTube Tools and Features 

YouTube has a host of tools and features that can help you enhance your YouTube marketing strategy.

Add scripts to your videos. Make your video content universal by adding hidden captions. It removes language barriers and allows your content to be consumed by a cross-border audience. Keyword-optimised video transcripts also help to enhance your YouTube search engine optimisation.

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